5 ways to earn money in quarantine

1. Convert Someone's offline business to online.

A number of businesses around us are running with an old school method now it's time to do research. Find a local business in your area which can be effectively converted into an online business. Do a little bit of research about their industry and find the possible ways how you can help them to grow. This can be applicable for both types of businesses which are running barely or completely shut down.

Analyze the type of business and make your plan accordingly. If it is a product-based or service-based business. According to the product or service choose the type of tools you are going to use and which social media platform would be perfect for this.

People are using WhatsApp nowadays to gain more and more customers. Here you can change the game by using other social media apps through one can get detailed knowledge of the product/service. Make it convenient so they can order from there. Tell them the advantages of using the power of the internet. Convince them by telling the positive points of social media and how your plan can increase their sales. It’s up to you how clearly you can describe your vision with respect to their business and convert them into your customer. Your charges/fee depends upon what type of service you are providing and how much efforts you are doing for it.

For example  - In this lockdown situation, only essentials goods are available in the market. And there are a number of things which can be considered as essential for someone and non-essential for others. Like opticals, dental clinics, mechanic workshops, electrical parts, AC Cooler services, and many more. Choose any one of them as an example.

Optical and glasses shop  - 3 out of 10 people wear glasses and in many countries (specifically India) this comes under non-essentials. You can make an Instagram account or one-page website of your nearest optician. And guide them on how they can sell their frames and glasses with the help of these platforms.

2. Promote Someone’s business with advanced tools.

Promote an existing business. Make a plan for them how they can boost their business by upgrading their tools of marketing. If they already have a website, go and visit their website and analyze the reason for less traffic. Redesign that existing website to make it more aesthetic. Do some SEO to rank that website.

User experience is one of the most important aspects one should keep in mind while designing a website. Break it down from the header of the website to the footer and do the required changes these little things play an important role in User experience.

Go and learn how WordPress works. WordPress gives you access to many attractive web themes and interesting and helpful plugins can make your workflow easier. Simple drag and drop feature can enhance the beauty of a layout. Even if you are not from a technical background you can learn it from scratch. There a number of courses where you can learn WordPress, SEO, Digital marketing, and many more.

Enroll in online courses and make your day productive. When you self educate your self by learning
any new skill you will make yourself proud here is another blog on “why self-education is important” 

3. Become a service provider

Start your own service-based business. Play the role of intermediator between the people and grocery stores with the help of Shopify and other e-commerce websites. Shopify gives you a free trial for 2 months and within 2 months you can reach a stable stage of your business where you can buy premium membership/hosting.

What you have to do is select a particular region and contact your nearest grocery stores to tell them about your plan. Check out the availability of the items and showcase them on your Shopify website. Now people can directly order from your website and you will send that list to the store manager. Pack that item separately for your customers and deliver it to their doorsYou can add delivery charges as well or you can hire someone for delivery. In this way, you help them in social distancing and do take care of your own.

Note - Do check government rules in your region and plan accordingly.

4. Teach your skills to others.

Teaching your skills to others and charge them a small amount of fee is one the best way to earn during this quarantine. When you teach someone you can not only earning from them but you can improve your skills as well.

First, you need to figure out what skills I have. Examine your level in that particular skill and how effectively you can teach it to someone else.

It can be anything cooking, gardening, designing, calligraphy, languages, development, and
self-discipline, etc. Choose your niche and work on it.


1. You can teach one on one by zoom meeting app, video calls, and screen sharing.
2. Make a video product with detailed content and upload it on youtube/blogs
3. Sell that video product to the desired audience with the help of affiliates.
4. Become a teacher at udemy, skillshare, unacademy,

5. Work as a freelancer.

Utilize your skills to solve one’s problem. Having a skill that can effectively provide benefits to others through the internet is something you should be proud of. Now you have to enhance your skill by doing more and more work. Add more projects to your portfolio by working as a full time/Part-time freelancer.

Showcase your past projects on websites like Freelancers, Fiverr, Upwork, guru.com where you get
direct clients from all around the world. Select your expertise and go start biding. It is hard to get your
first project but after you will get familiar with the process and can get more projects. 

Thank you