What is affiliate marketing - The concept of affiliate marketing is to promote other’s products/services in various ways and create your own genuine audience. When they end up purchasing from your link you will get a commission.

About Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money while you sleep.

We all want to have a passive income but we are lacking in efforts.

Here you have the chance to become an affiliate without doing extra hard work. Affiliate marketing requires efforts and consistency. After a few months of effort, the outcome can change the way you live. According to research, an affiliate marketer of intermediate level can earn in between $1000 - $7000 (75k- 525k INR) in a month by just promoting other’s business

How does it work?

Example - Suppose a company that manufactures trimmers. They are selling the products directly from their stores/outlets. And also doing physical marketing by going to salons giving them brochures, visiting cards, etc. To increase sales. Now, these salon managers are their affiliates. On every purchase, at that place, the salon’s manager will get a commission. But their reach is limited now they are planning to go online.

They adopt E-commerce and register their seller account on amazon.in to increase their sales. There are a number of products on amazon in this same category. In high competition, the product manufacturers want someone who can promote them digitally, and here the role of affiliates comes. Affiliates play an intermediate role between the buyers and manufacturers. They promote their product in different ways and redirect the interested customers to the original website through an affiliate link.

To understand affiliate marketing in simple words

You go to an E-marketplace and find some interesting products. Now you want others to buy one and you get a small portion of that product as your commission. In affiliate marketing, you neither have to manufacture a product nor to create an e-commerce platform to sell it you only have to have to find intermediate ways to promote it.

There a number of ways to promote a product for affiliates we will discuss it later first we need to know how to become an affiliate and which websites have affiliate programs.

Value and scope of affiliate marketing

In this competitive world, even big e-commerce companies are having trouble selling commodities. Every company wants to rank in the first place in every aspect whether in website traffic, quality of the product, number of buyers, etc. In this situation, affiliates are their needs. By giving a small amount of a product to affiliates they are converting it into huge profit so it’s a win-win situation for Manufactures, e-commerce website owners, and affiliates as well.
And that is the reason the scope of affiliate marketing is increasing day by day Offline businesses are switching to online and creating opportunities for everyone who wants to grab it. From Amazon, Flipkart, myntra, snapdeal to udemy, skillshare, unacademy they all have an affiliates program.

⬇ List of few websites who have their own affiliates programs

eBay partner

Amazon affiliates

And here is the list of third-party companies who provide a market to affiliates
These are the communities created for affiliates where they can meet the requirement and fulfill them by their creative means. 

How to become an affiliate

Go to any e-commerce website and scroll down to the bottom. Here in the footer part, you will find “become an affiliate” or “affiliate” Click on that it will redirect you to the affiliate page where eligibility criteria, terms & conditions,  perks and cons, and details about their program go ahead and press continues or join now. Sign up and register yourself as an affiliate (Do read the terms and conditions fill the details carefully)

After completing this procedure you will see a personalized dashboard from where you can create your affiliate link for any product you are interested in and promote it wherever you want
Types of Affiliate products
Affiliates are not only limited to physical products
Promotion of Softwares, educational courses, premium memberships, entertainment stuff, audiobooks, e-books, web tools.
Affiliate marketing can be done with anything. Online software and educational courses capture a big market in this field and they provide higher commissions as compare to physical products the reason behind this is software and online courses are created once and can sell a number of times, therefore, they pay more to affiliates. That’s why the majority of affiliate marketers are switching from physical products to software
How to choose a niche.
Choosing a category is a major task. The simple and easy way to choose a niche is to list out some products of your interest and research about what people are searching for.
Keep a balanced ratio of your interest and public demand. Selecting a niche is also important to create your own audience.
You can also promote random products but in this way you are not creating your genuine audience. People feel like you promote irrelevant products without proper research.
And when you choose a niche you study a little bit about it and your interest in that niche will help you to create original content. Your content and detailed information about a product that attracts customers. People now know your niche your content your efforts the way you represent a product and develop a sense of trust and this same audience will come again to your website, blog, Instagram page.
You can get contact details of your audience and inform them about your next blog update them through emails WhatsApp groups.
Following are the examples of niches
Shoes - Running shoes, casual shoes, football shoes
Gadgets - laptop, mobile phones, AirPods, BlueTooth speakers, ,
fit bands, graphic cards, joysticks, PlayStation, Xbox
Fitness - exercise machines,  treadmill, cross-trainer, barbells,
yoga mate, protein supplements, shakers, fat burner, 
Educational - Language courses, graphic designing, web designing,
front end, backend, digital marketing, the fitness guide,
cooking recipes,
Softwares - Designing software, marketing tools, SEO, plugins,
software, photo editing software, android tutorial
video editing and IOS games
Books - Motivational books, love stories, tech books, e-books,

Average affiliate breakdown

How to promote
After a detailed study of how affiliate marketing works now its time to know what are the effective platforms to promote these products. Now you know your vision you have a niche. Choose a brand name for you and do not take much time to create a brand name and logo because your content is the only thing that is going to speak these things come later. And you can change and redesign it later. Following are the platform to start your affiliate marketing

Blog/website - Blog is the most widely used platform for affiliates to promote a product or service. Create your own blog https://www.blogger.com blogger.com gives you free hosting and domain name  for beginners and you will get a lot of features to customize your website, AND SEO for google ranking it will give you a domain name like “XYZ.Blogspot.com” If you want to remove “blogspot.com” and buy a custom domain you can buy it from https://www.hostinger.in check the availability of your domain for example ⬇
Xyz.com xyz.in xyz.org xyz.tech xyz.online
.com and .in are comparatively expensive. In the range of 75INR to 1000INR, you can buy any of them depends upon your domain name and availability.
After setting up your blog. Write an article about a product you are going to promote. Let’s say your niche is books
Write an article about a book

Write a short review about that book 
Give an introduction of the author 
Mention the rating of the book 
And add your affiliate link 

Giving a short/detailed review of products is the key to making your blog attractive and eye-catchy. It shows your interest in the product and efforts regarding its promotion.

blog/website is the most effective way of affiliate marketing and it can be linked with all your social media accounts. People who visit your blog can directly go to your Instagram page. By this, you can create a family of your users and these users can also promote your blog as well. 
The idea of having a blog seems difficult but it isn't. Just go and start your blog now.

Instagram - Instagram is the most powerful social media tool to promote anything. Instagram allows you to promote any niche for free. It gives a broader horizon for your business. And you can reach a number of people through it. Keep them update about your content. Add the link of your blog in the Instagram bio to redirect your viewers to your website/blog. You can also add a swipe up feature after having 10k followers. There is a lot on Instagram for you it depends on how you use it.

Whatsapp - You can begin your affiliate marketing by sharing your affiliate link to WhatsApp groups. Send it to your family friends colleagues and ask them to share as much as possible as long as people buy for that link you are generating your passive income.

Pinterest - Pinterest is a marketing tool used by professionals. You can create a pin with the image of your product with an eye-catchy caption and add your blog link to it. People who visit your pin can go directly to your page just by one click. And in that way you are increasing traffic for your blog as well.

In the same way, you can use any platform to promote your affiliate link. Telegram, Linkedin, Facebook, Snapchat. It depends upon your creativity. There are people are doing affiliate marketing through tinder and tik tok.

The more traffic you generate on a blog by linking your social media accounts to it the more you can earn. Once you qualify for google Adsense. Google will pay you for the Ads displays on your blog/website. Try to redirect as many users as possible to your blog and create another passive income source complimentary.
It takes time, it takes effort, slowly and gradually you will succeed. If you start now and this is the best time to grind yourself and make your life productive.


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