Self education is to acquire knowledge or skill by themselves instead of being taught by someone else. Life is all about learning something new everyday. When you self educate yourself that means you want to improve yourself in a certain field or in general. In today's competitive world learning according to the trend and becoming the master of what is going on is the best gift one can give to themselves. Self education is important because of the following things.

Education system  

Education system is lacking in providing the clear perspective of a particular field because of the rapid changing industries it is difficult to change the syllabus in between semesters. Technology changes 6 times during the average duration of a semester (6 months). So instead of focusing what to acquire students are busy in making practical files, Lab manuals, and mugging up exam guides. They does not have time to invest in their field of interest  Our education system is following an orthodox plan in this global world where "Yesterday's new skill is old today". One should focus on self educating themselves where ever they are in their life/career. Once you master this skill you will be enough for yourself.

Skills over academics 

A research proved that average students have the most creative minds and back-benchers have the solution for every problem. Having excellent academics is good but lacking in skills is worst. Having a mindset which priorities skills will pays you off in your career. When you learn a skill by yourself you know the answer of why you are learning ? and what is the scope ? And a person having particular skills in any stream can survive the worst situations. Your skills can make you think out of the box you can find different ways to earn from your relevant skills.

Develops Discipline 

When you decide to learn something by yourself you will take out time from your busy schedule. Your choices will be responsible for the outcomes. And all these things will develop a sense of discipline and consistency in you. And consistency is the key to conquer anything.

An example of self learning.

I used to work in an IT recruitment company in US
I saw a resume that candidate was from India and he was a software engineer from a private college in India .
His resume was like - Skills

 Java                         - (from youtube)
 C #                           - (from youtube)
 html and CSS          - (from udemy)
Adobe XD                - (from skillshare)
and many more....
He applied for Microsoft as a Front-end designer/developer.
I called him and "he said I does not have any certificate for the above skills but i am expert in it " and i forwarded his resume to Microsoft's HR and at that time i really wanted to know the value of learning a skill from the internet.
And the next day he cleared the final round and got hired.
Note - he also had 3 + experience in his field

Conclusion - If you have will to learn something you can choose any medium to acquire that knowledge and at the end you will be judged by your performance not by the certificate.
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